Both treatments produce energy in order to disrupt the growth element of each hair follicle to reduce hair growth. However, this is where the similarity ends.


A laser is an intensely concentrated beam of light. The energy is extremely focused rather than diffuse so it is very precise, offering more powerful, accurate results. During an initial consultation we carefully tune the laser to your individual skin and hair type, ensuring the best possible results on all skin shades and types.


IPL is far less effective than Laser Hair Removal. The energy is produced by a lamp, a little like a light bulb, and produces a variety of light waves, meaning that it is more diffuse and less powerful.

Rejuven8 use the very best!

Some less reputable clinics use IPL as the equipment is far cheaper than a laser. However, at Rejuven8 we insist on the very best technology to achieve perfect results for our clients, so we only carry out Laser Hair Removal treatments. We would never settle for average results and neither should you!

At Rejuven8 clinic we tailor your laser hair removal treatments to suit your skin tone and colour of your hair to ensure all treatment have the best results.

  • Lasers use the exact wavelength needed to effectively treat the hair in each pulse.
  • IPL uses hundreds of wavelength in each pulse which only serve to heat up the skin and not have any effect on reducing the growth of the hair.
  • Laser pulses are very short and are combined with cooling to minimise build up of heat on the skin.
  • Laser treatments can be done on larger areas, like the legs and back
  • Laser hair removal is not as painful as treatments like electrolysis or waxing
  • Lasers allow doctors to customise treatments to patients specific skin tone and hair colour


T & C apply.Prices can change without prior notice

Single* TreatmentCourse of 3 TreatmentsCourse of 6 TreatmentsCourse of 8 Treatments
Eyebrows in between£20£54£100£120
AREA 2 Choose one from
Peri Anal£35£94.50£175£210
Hands & Fingers or Feet & Toes
Upper Lip or Chin
Naval Pubis line
AREA 3 Choose one from
Upper Lip and Chin£45£121.50£225£270
AREA 4 Choose one from
Upper or Lower Arms O/S
Bikini Line
Shoulder Blades
Jawline upper Lip & chin
Hands & Fingers & Feet & Toes
AREA 5 Choose one from
Half Face or Beard£70£189£350£420
Upper Arm or lower arms
Bikini thong
AREA 6 Choose one from
3/4 Arms£80£216£400£480
Full Face
Half Back
Brazilian or Whole Bikini
Navel Pubis & Bikini Line
AREA 7 Choose one from
AREA 8 Choose one from
Full Arms£125£337.50£625£750
Full Back
Lower Legs
AREA 9 Choose one from
Full Back & Shoulders£150£405£750£900
Chest & Abdomen
Whole Legs
AREA 10 Choose one from
Bikini Line & Navel Pubis, Bikini Line & Peri-anal,£60£162£300£360
Bikini Line & Underarms
AREA 11 Choose one from:
Brazilian Hollywood & Navel Pubis£90£243£450£540
Brazilian & Underarms
Brazilian Hollywood Peri anal
AREA 12 Choose one from:
Single 6 Treatments Women’s Full Body (excludes face). Includes: Full Legs; full Arms; bikini whole; Underarms, buttocks,chest and abdomen, full back£399£1077.30£1995£2394
AREA 12 :
Men’s Torso. Includes: Chest; Abdomen; Full Back; Shoulders, full arms£299£807.30£1495£1794