At the Rejuven8 Skin Clinic we firmly believe that the aftercare process is as important as the treatments undertaken.

Taking care of your skin at home is extremely important. Not only is it the easiest way to significantly improve and enhance its appearance, it’s also the best way to ensure it stays looking great as you get older. But obviously, everyone’s skin is different so finding the right skincare product for you is the key. It is often easy to underestimate the usefulness of correctly formulated treatment products, not the “over the counter retail products” but pharmaceutically active compounds backed by in-depth research.

Many of our skincare products are ideal for daily skin maintenance and contain products which aim to target specific skin conditions (such as lines & wrinkles, oily skin, dry flaky skin, blackheads and whiteheads). All of our skincare products are specifically chosen to complement our treatment range, working in synergy with each other, enabling you to mix and match the treatments and products which suit you best from Austrailian body care, Skin Ceuticals, Skin Tech, Cosmedix and much more

Our extensive range of skincare products, most of which are exclusive to us and not available on the high street, is developed specifically for a wide range of skin types. Dermatologically tested and medically proven, these skincare products can also be recommended by our experts following an initial Skin Assessment.