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We put a premium on getting to know our patients, that’s you! We’re your every hope for wanting things to look nice. We accept your fears and overcome your insecurities. We are fully aware of your situation and work to determine the best-suited solution. If you’ve walked through our clinic’s door, you must have been proud of our huge clientele. Although our patients come from unique backgrounds, they share common experiences – we have always got each other’s back.

• If English is not your first language and you require an interpreter please inform us prior to your medical appointment.
• Do you know we have wheelchair access, please let us know prior to your visit that you require assistance with mobility and we will be happy to support you.
• If you need a chaperone please contact us prior to your appointment.



We specialise in offering a range of highly successful medical aesthetic services such as laser hair removal, acne, skin peels, microdermabrasion and much more…

Providing Aesthetic treatments to thousands of clients, enhancing the beauty of their skin


Many of our patients share their experiences of being bullied, either emotionally or physically, affecting their self-worth and confidence.

It’s time to revamp your look! Feel like the greatest version of yourself with our treatments so you can laugh off your worries with hundreds of other patients.

Founded by INP Saima Rehman; an Advance Cosmetic Nurse in Birmingham, Rejuvn8 Skin Clinic is reputed for providing state-of-the-art non-invasive cosmetic and medical services. Our aim is to serve our customers with professionalism, care, and safety. At Rejuvn8 expert skin clinic, you can rest assured that you will be treated with the utmost care and precision using hi-tech cosmetic procedures. Our friendly and experienced staff is committed to assisting you in realising your aesthetic goals and will constantly guide you every step of the way. We serve clients across Birmingham but are willing to accommodate more areas to make our customers feel valued and appreciated.


We offer a wide range of non-surgical skin treatments throughout Birmingham to help you feel better. Our skin experts have sourced the latest technology and advanced equipment to give your skin optimal results. Our Birmingham skin clinic offers consultations to determine your specific requirements. We co-create a unique strategy with you that evaluate your preferences and our professional expertise. Our revolutionary cosmetic eye treatments, which do not require surgery, have made us the go-to clinic in the region for non-surgical aesthetic eye treatments.

We’re the aesthetic clinic in Birmingham that can get your aftercare after every procedure, no matter minor or major. Our great variety of cosmetic procedures help diminish lines around the eyes, get rid of rough, bumpy skin and the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

We administer our treatments in a way that brings out the best in each individual, resulting in glowing skin and jaw-dropping compliments. In addition, we ensure that our experts work closely with you to create a customised treatment plan that considers your health and beauty goals as a whole.


Leading Doctors and Nurses at Rejuven8 who are all accredited with a BTEC in laser, use the most advanced proven technology to ensure that the highest standards are consistently maintained. You can talk about your insecurities and expectations in a comfortable environment. Often patients seek out particular treatments that they have heard about. Since we always want to ensure their skin stays healthy, we advise patients to opt for a long-term skin maintenance treatment plan rather than relying on a “quick cure”. As part of our continuous professional development, we line up our expertise with the newest procedures, products, and treatments. You will benefit from a highly advanced, scientifically supported medical treatment.

We use only the best, safest products that have undergone scientific analysis. Your consultation will be in a private setting, last as long as necessary, and take place at a time that works for both parties. We consider your budget and provide you with a service that is well worth your time and money. Not only will you receive aftercare instructions for each treatment, but our expert’s contact details will definitely be available if you have any questions or concerns.

After your treatment, we will cordially invite you to leave your review to evaluate the outcomes and your overall satisfaction.


Rejuven8, a top UK skin clinic in Birmingham, runs a team of medical, surgical, anaesthetic, and aesthetic specialists that work in harmony to attract and maintain an international clientele base. We have performed countless aesthetic procedures on multiple skins and are well-versed with advanced cosmetic techniques. INP Nurse Saima Rehman leads our laser and body care clinic in Birmingham as she does the best integration of skincare products into practice.

We are lucky to have a team of people who are both enthusiastic about their work and committed to our customers’ welfare. Visit us in-person today after searching “best skin clinic near me” on Google and reviewing our work.

What we do is driven by our objective to help people gain confidence via enhanced skin. You have our word that:

High standards

Thanks to our industry-leading medical, safety, and training practices and tight industry regulations, you may be confident that your safety and care are our top priorities.

Unmatched expertise

No other Aesthetic Clinic c near you can compete with many qualified clinical experts like us

Exceptional client service

We continuously provide unparalleled, individualised client care that appropriately fits our client’s needs. You can rely on us to address any problems you may have.

We are among the top hair and skin clinics in Birmingham, UK. With our client-specific approach and incredible treatments, we are spreading smiles worldwide.

If you’re wondering why you should pick us over other businesses, we offer a comprehensive range of aesthetic procedures, regardless of your ethnic background. Our skin specialists use tried and true formulas that, in general, have proven useful over 20 years. We work with passion and integrity; you won’t feel pressured to undergo treatments you don’t require or want. Your skin is our responsibility. Let us give you a bespoke experience, whether HIFU or chemical peel treatment in Birmingham.

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