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Chemical peels offer controlled and predictable removal of the dead skin cells on the surface revealing clearer, brighter skin instantly. However, there are long term benefits too as the process stimulates skin cell renewal for improvements that build over the following weeks.
Enerpeel® skin peels don’t peel they remodel! Enerpeel® deliver treatment ingredients deep into the skin, remodelling without excessive exfoliation and surface trauma. The Enerpeel® emphasis is on remodelling, restructuring, rejuvenating, reducing sun and age damage and controlling skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, thread veins, pigmentation and many more with minimal downtime ensuring you can carry on with life as normal.Single X3
Salicylic Acid 30%– Designed to break down oil and surface debris in acneic skins, while also introducing the three key ingredients to control inflammation, kill bacteria, reduce oil production and normalise excess skin cell production.Single : £89x3
Those with sensitive skin and pigmentation Mandelic Acid 40% – Designed for the management of rosacea, Thread veins, Hyper pigmentation, hyper sensitive skin, Hyper reactive skin, thread veins, broken capillaries and is ideal for peeling throughout the summer months and for Enerpeel Pyuveric 50% to help with skin tightening, pore refining, stretch marks. Seborrhea, oilyacne, damaged skin,single £89x3
Enerpeel Jessner Peel, sun, age and hormonally damage but non inflammatory pigmentation and anti ageing£125
Eyes & Lip peel specifically designed for treating in and around the eye socket and the lip margin; the two age defining areas of the face. A treatment for hyper-pigmentation, actinic keratosis, chrono-aging and photo-ageing on the periocular and labial areas.£125
TCA LP 15% – For anti-ageing, sun damage, moderate to severe photo-ageing and chrono-ageing, severe hyper-pigmentation, severe scars and raised scar reduction. The TCA Strong offers deeper remodelling and can also be used for pre and post surgical use.£250
Enerpeel 40% TCA This is our medical Nurse led treatment only. This procedure reduces, scarring, pigmentation and uneven skin tone, we treat all skin types£qouted