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Faq phlebotomy/ blood test

Faq phlebotomy/ blood test

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How is a blood sample taken?

The procedure is performed by a trained member of staff, usually a phlebotomist. All phlebotomists at all of our sites are trained to the same very high standard, by our Network Phlebotomy Training Supervisor. An elasticated strap / cuff (tourniquet) is placed around your arm just above the elbow, the area is cleaned and then a small needle is inserted into a vein on the inner arm. Blood is withdrawn into sample tube(s) and the needle is then removed. Pressure is applied at the site with a piece of gauze until the bleeding has stopped and then a small plaster is applied. Please tell the person taking the blood if you are allergic to sticking plaste

Will it hurt?

The initial insertion of the needle involves a pin prick sensation but after that the rest of the procedure should be quite painless. It is possible that patients will experience discomfort during, and immediately after the Patient Information Phlebotomy: A Guide to having a blood test 3 procedure. This usually settles quite quickly, but if it continues you should consult your doctor.

Will it bruise?

Bruising or a small lump (haematoma) may develop after taking a sample of blood.
Applying firm pressure to the site until the bleeding has stopped should help to minimize this. Bruising is harmless and will disappear with time and does not usually require treatment. Some conditions may increase the risk of bruising.
These include:- · Medications such as warfarin or aspirin · Conditions such as a bleeding disorder or low platelets (thrombocytopenia)
· Where it is difficult to locate the vein, for example if the arm is swollen (oedema
· Elderly patients may also bruise more easily In order to reduce this risk as much as possible, please tell the person taking the blood if you have any such conditions or if you have previously experienced problems following blood taking.

What happens to the blood samples?

The samples are transported to the pathology laboratory from all clinic locations, and begin to be processed on the same day. The results are sent to the doctor who requested the sample to be taken as soon as they are completed.

How do I book?

Please call the clinic

How do I get my results?

Results will be available directly to the patient from the laboratory


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