Cosmedix Skin Peel

About the treatment

  • Facial peels treat skin problems leaving the skin refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • The effects of a chemical facial peel are far superior to any ordinary facial.
  • Instant improvement and long lasting benefit from a face peel.
  • Premier medical skincare brand.


CosMedix chemical peels treat and resolve all common skin problems in all skin types. All skincare products and peel treatments contain purified active ingredients using a process called Chiral correction. This process was developed by Sharlpless and Katsuki in 2000 and won them a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2001.

CosMedix spends ten times more on skincare ingredients than any other skincare company. The purified active ingredients packed inside of the peels and skincare work four times faster than non-chiral ingredients. After one treatment skin feels smoother and there is an instant improvement in skin health and appearance. For these reasons CosMedix is the number one chemical peel company in plastic surgeons’ offices in Australia and America.

30463_400311492716_302887002716_4368678_6318615_nCosMedix allows the patient the ultimate skin fix. CosMedix chemical peels change the skin from the inside out. The active ingredients inside of CosMedix peels target specific skin cell receptors. The peels contain a mixture of powerful antioxidants, L-Ascorbic Acid and L-Retinol, the only FDA mandated skin resurfacer. Unlike traditional chemical peels the active ingredients and acids in CosMedix peels are specially formulated (purified) so that they are non-wounding and non-irritating. They offer enhanced inter-cellular communication and act to push damaged skin cells from the inside out rather than removing the top layers of the skin’s surface. CosMedix is currently the most superior and premier medical skincare available to beauty therapists, nurses and doctors in the world.

CosMedix skin philosophy

The CosMedix philosophy is based around the principal that inflammation is the core cause of all skin conditions.

Traditional skin care lines have primarily selected ingredients that create inflammation when addressing these common skin problems (artificial colours and fragrances, artificial preservatives, sodium lauryl sulphate, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, etc).

In addition, CosMedix peels and home care product contain a high concentration of active ingredients that communicate with the skin and work with its natural ability to repair itself.

What is chirality and why is it important in skincare?

Chirality is the description of the “spin” that every living molecule/cell—or in this case active peel ingredient– has naturally.

Through scientific study, it was found that the left orientation of many active ingredients in common chemical peels was most able to efficiently attach to skins millions of cell receptors. Ingredients in most product lines are 50/50 left and right spin and can therefore be more irritating for sensitive skins. CosMedix peels are available on both superficial and medium depth. Chirally corrected acids enable the practitioner to work on medium depth peels with a more cosmetically acceptable, layered exfoliation.

Body-Lift-Peel-Before-150x150How do CosMedix peels work?

CosMedix innovative and non-traumatic peels have made it plausible for skincare professional to do chemical peels-on-demand.

The skin health restoration strategy begins with stimulating change in the skin instead of over irritating healthy skin to make change happen. Preparing the skin using the CosMedix range of Chirally Correct Skincare is always of value because of the increased fibroblast and keratinocyte activity but there are often scenarios where patients need/want to peel without preparation.

Chirally correct peels allow practitioners to do peels-on-demand but for best results CosMedix recommends that all medium depth peels have at least two weeks of skincare preparation.

How long will a peel take?

Typically peels take about 15-30 minutes, although medium depth peels like the Timeless and L-TCA take about 45 min.

1-week-after-2nd-peel.3-150x150How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments required for you will depend on:

• The initial skin condition you would like to address, whether it is to correct a skin problem or for general skin health restoration.

• The type and strength of peel that most suits your requirements, ie. if you want minimal skin peeling you may require more frequent lower strength peels, or if you are prepared for some skin peeling then fewer higher strength peels may be the way for you.

• Your response and results to the initial treatment will determine how your treatment programme progresses.

How long will the results last?

The effects of a CosMedix peel are far superior to any ordinary facial and much longer lasting. Conditions such as sun damage and some types of hyperpigmentation can have permanent or very long term results, providing the cause of the problem is removed. Results with other types of hyperpigmentation such as hormonal melasma

and active acne can be maintained using the appropriate homecare products. After your initial series of peels and accompanying homecare process, the results can be maintained either every four to eight weeks with a lower strength peel or every three to six months with the higher strength peels.

What does it fee like?

Stinging, burning or itching sensations maybe experienced. This is normal and in fact desirable for efficacy of the treatment. You will be asked by your cosmetic treatment practitioner to describe the sensations you feel on the skin so that the skin reaction can be monitored. If a lower strength peel is applied the sensations are likely to be mild. If a higher strength peel is applied, greater sensation may be experienced.

After several minutes the peel solution will either self neutralise, or will be neutralised using either water or a sodium bicarbonate solution. This will feel cold. All or most of the sensations caused by the peel will be stopped when neutralisation occurs.

How will I look after a peel?

Superficial peels work on the top layer of dead skin cells. These peels usually leave you with a refreshed glow. Peels for acne or skin damage may be a little more exfoliating leaving the skin a bit flushed, looking like mild sunburn. The following few days after a superficial peel some exfoliation might be experienced, though you will be able to carry on with daily life as normal.

Medium Depth peels such as L-TCA and Timeless peels area associated with skin flushing or like mild sunburn.

Medium depth peels area associated with moderate exfoliation for up to a week.

Who is suitable for CosMedix peels?

Cosmedix has designed a variety of peels of different strengths and ingredients to suit almost everyone, from the Blueberry Smoothie for an invigorating buff and polish, through to the higher medical strength L –TCA to tackle damaged and aged skin. Anyone who wants to

improve the appearance of their skin and start the process of skin health restoration is suitable for one of the Cosmedix Peels.

Some types of pre-existing skin or health conditions may affect your suitability for treatment, or some preparation may be required before you peel your skin, however you will be fully advised during your skin analysis at the initial consultation.

Can I have other treatments if I am having CosMedix peels?

For a few weeks before and after your skin peel(s) it is not advisable to carry out any other treatments to the skin or hair within the body/facial area to be peeled. When the peeling process is complete and the skin has completed responding, other treatment (eg. laser, depilation, etc.) can be applied.

What should I do after the treatment?

The cosmetic treatment practitioner will provide a full sheet of aftercare instructions. ing to renew skin tone and enhance composition Can be utilized to restore skin around the eyes and mouth and on the face, neck, hands, lower arms and mid-section Can decrease skin inflammation scarring, reverse skin harm, diminish almost negligible differences and wrinkles, evacuate hyper-pigmentation, liver pots and different indications of agein
The acids inside the peel utilized work by conveying the pH of the skin to an ideal corrosiveness level. This activity synthetically releases the “paste” that ties the dead and harmed cells bringing about peeling and permit the advancement of new cell development
We give a scope of therapeutic detailing substance peel medicines of differing qualities. Each is sheltered and intended to enter and shed to a specific profundity. These extent from light peels, for example, Epionce invigorate, Obagi Blue Radiance and Glycolic directly through to profound phenol peels that can diminish facial wrinkles or treat sun harmed skin.
Every synthetic peel has an alternate quality of dynamic fixings and in this way the treatment itself differs. By and large however, a synthetic peel includes the readiness of the range to be dealt with and the watchful utilization of the substance peel. It will be evacuated after a particular time and relying upon the sort of peel, a cream may then be connected.
Concoction peel treatment evacuates the layers of dead skin to uncover fresher looking, brighter and restored skin. Milder “shallow” skin peels, for example, the glycolic peel, can be utilized as an expansion of your magnificence administration and rehashed at specific interims.
Some synthetic peels are single skin peel medicines and include no downtime. Others involve a route of medicationS, some of which have almost no losing time, others with a greatest of 7 to 10 day recuperation period. You ought to dependably utilize sunblock post treatment as your skin can be entirely touchy. behind any artificial peel you are allowed to leave the facility when you feel great to do as such.