What is threading?

Threading involves nothing more then a 100% cotton thread. This thread is typically cut into a 24 inch piece and is tied together at both ends. The thread is then twisted around ten times forming a (X) in the center of the thread. This (X) is what will wrap around the hair and pull it out from its follicle. The (X) is then placed to the left side of the hair that is to be removed and while holding the thread in between the index finger and thumbs of both hands, the right hands index finger and thumb are extended while the left hands index finger and thumb are closed together. Doing so enables the (X) part of the string to twirl to the right, rolling over the hair and removing it. This processed is duplicated till all hair is removed.

Is threading painful?

Threading typically is not painful, though it is relative. To most people it is much less painful than using tweezers or waxing.

How long does it last?

The time between each threading is between 2-3 weeks. It mostly depends on how often you get your eyebrows threaded because the more often they are threaded, the longer it starts to last.

Benefits of threading?

There are many benefits to getting your eyebrows threaded. Getting your eyebrows threaded does not leave any red marks or does not irritate the skin how waxing does, because when you wax, the top layers of skin around your eyebrows are peeled away. Waxing also has the potential to leave wrinkles with continuous use.
Another great benefit of threading is that it produces a smoother, cleaner eyebrow shape.

Is threading used only for eyebrows?

Of course not! Threading is used on almost every part of the body. Many women not only get their eyebrows threaded, but also get their upper lip threaded as well. Upper lip threading contains all the benefits of getting your eyebrows threaded and is becoming more popular. Threading can be used on the arms, legs, neck, and even toes to remove unwanted hair.